04.10.2023 Congratulations, Ebube, on your PhD defense!
04.10.2023: Ebube and Xudong on Ebube’ s PhD defense day
04.06.2023 Creative Inquiry Presentation: Collin, Annie, Zoe, Cosmo (Zoe’s puppy dog), and Keegan
APS March Meeting 03.10.2023. Xudong gives a talk
Research Symposium 02.25.2023. Left to Right: Xudong, Thao, Collin, Ebube, Annie, Uchenna, Dasuni, Zoe, Keegan
Spring 2023. Left to Right: Uchenna, Keegan, Zoe, Cosmo (Zoe’s puppy dog), Annie,  Thao, Collin, Dasuni, Ebube, and Xudong
Fall 2022. Left to Right: Ebube, Xudong, Thao, Dasuni, Annie, Uchenna, Keegan, and Jared
Spring 2022: Xudong learns how to perform neutron experiments at ORNL
Fall 2021. Left to Right: Wyatt, Erich, Ebube, Dasuni, Annika, Thao, and Xudong




Spring 2022: Erich is a recipient of the 2022 Senior Undergraduate Research Award.
Summer 2021. Left to Right: Emmanuel Acheampong, Dasuni Rathnaweera, Thao, Ebube Oyeka, and Xudong Huai.


Fall 2019. Left to Right: Xudong Huai, Thao, and Ebube Oyeka.



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