Implementing the Infinite Mindset in Higher Ed

I believe in the unique, innate intelligence of each individual and aspire to cultivate the next generation of scientists by fostering an environment that is conducive to learning, creativity, personal and professional development.

The “infinite mindset” was inspired by The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek ( His philosophy centers on stepping beyond the immediate finite game with specific players, set rules, and a well-defined endpoint that can be won and instead concentrating on a long-term just cause that can make the world a better place.

In addition to this inspiration, my guiding philosophy for fostering creativity in higher ed was fueled by The Meaning in the Making by Sean Tucker (  His talent as an artist shines in that he elegantly demonstrates how to apply curiosity, kindness, and purposefulness to one’s search for meaning and why it is worth considering by examples from his own creative journey.

Although people have applied these concepts to business industries, related organizations, and creative outlets, no one has translated them into undergraduate and graduate education. Thus, I strive to instill the infinite and creative mindset in higher ed, whereby students and educators are intrinsically motivated to explore and create rather than being extrinsically motivated by the acceptance they receive.

Infinite Mindset

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