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The Clemson Light Imaging Facility — CLIF — is a multi-user core facility on Clemson’s main campus. The facility houses advanced light microscopes, including a Leica SP8X multiphoton spectral confocal microscope and a suite of Nikon microscopes. CLIF features cell sorting equipment, a multi-user specimen preparation laboratory, and a dedicated classroom which seats 20 people. It has all the equipment necessary for sample preparation, including a cell culture hood, incubators, a chemical fume hood, and specimen rotators. Users have access to common equipment, including automatic dishwashers, autoclaves and cold rooms.

The Clemson Light Imaging Facility’s top priorities are education and research support. The facility manager holds an initial consultation with all new users to discuss project details. Dr. Bruce has an extensive background in engineering materials and biology. By drawing on this experience, she can help tailor a project from sample preparation to image acquisition and analysis to meet the client’s specific needs.

A list of equipment is here. For more information, please contact Dr. Bruce or Rhonda Powell.


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Dr. Christopher Parkinson, Core Director

The Clemson University Genomics and Bioinformatics Facility supports faculty, students and staff research programs from conception to publication in genomics and bioinformatics. The facility operates in a secure, centralized and easily accessible format that supports collaborative data-intensive research.

CUGBF helps investigators use the latest genomics technologies in their research. The heart of our facility is Illumina’s NextSeq 550 NGS platform, which offers high throughput sequencing used in many applications such as whole-genome, transcriptome and targeted resequencing. CUGBF provides services to support NextSeq 550 use from experimental design through bioinformatic deliverables. Besides offering a full-service genomics lab and bioinformatics team, we pride ourselves in training students to work alongside our staff members to learn genomic and bioinformatic techniques. Outside of the lab, we offer training and informational workshops to Clemson’s diverse scientific community.

For more information, go to CUGBF’s website. You may also contact Dr. Parkinson.