EPIC: At the forefront of biomedical research on eukaryotic pathogens

EPIC: At the forefront of biomedical research on eukaryotic pathogens

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Eukaryotic pathogens cause some of the most devastating and intractable diseases in humans, including malaria, amoebic dysentery, sleeping sickness, Chagas disease and fungal meningitis. Globalization has increased such infections in the U.S. Many eukaryotic pathogens are classified as bioterrorism agents and/or neglected tropical diseases.

Clemson University’s Eukaryotic Pathogens Innovation Center — EPIC — is an interdisciplinary research cooperative founded in 2013 that is at the forefront of biomedical research on these devastating pathogens.

EPIC scientists have a lengthy track record of major contributions in this globally important area of research.


 Congratulations to Dr. Anna Seekatz on her recent grant!

Congratulations to Dr. Anna Seekatz on her recent NIH grant, “Niche Partitioning of Commensal Clostridia in the Gut”.  This MIRA/R35 award opens the door to exciting new research on the roles of gut microbiota on human health.  Great job, Dr. Seekatz!

Congratulations to Sabrina Pizzaro and Alanna Scoggins!

Two EPIC students recently attended the IDeA South Eastern Region Conference in Columbia, South Carolina and brought home awards for their posters! Sabrina Pizzaro’s poster, titled “Use of Peroxisomal Targeting Sequences in Drug Delivery,” won first place in the Chemistry and Biochemistry category. Alanna Scoggins’ poster, titled “Role of Mitochondrial Carriers in Cryptococcus neoformans,” received an honorable mention in the Cellular and Molecular Biology category. Congratulations to Sabrina and Alanna!

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Congratulations to Dr. Cheryl Ingram-Smith on her recent grant!

Dr. Cheryl Ingram-Smith has received a new NIH R21 award.

Project Title: Identification and characterization of early encystation genes in the human parasite Entamoeba histolytica

Project number:  1R21AI175730 – 01


Congratulations to Dr. Jim Morris on his recent grant!

Dr. Jim Morris has received a new NIH R21 award in collaboration with Dr. Dan Whitehead (Clemson), Dr. Ashely Moseman (Duke University) and Dr. Ken Christensen (BYU).

Project Title: Enolase inhibitors as therapeutic leads for Naegleria fowleri infections 

Project Number: 1R21AI171217-01A1 

EPIC Welcomes Dr. Stephen Dolan

EPIC is excited to announce that Dr. Stephen Dolan will be joining the Center and the Department of Genetics and Biochemistry in Fall 2023 as an Assistant Professor. Dr. Dolan’s research focuses on resolving the molecular mechanisms that dictate interkingdom interaction in polymicrobial infections. Welcome to Clemson, Dr. Dolan!


Congratulations to EPIC students Jillian Milanes, Erin Jones, and Danielle LaVigne on their College of Science awards!




For further information about the EPIC please contact us.

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