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Single Molecule Biophysics Lab

The SMBLab is part of the biophysics core at Clemson’s University Department of Physics and Astronomy. The group is led by Prof. Hugo Sanabria.

SMBLab Vision Statement

We use state-of-the-art single-molecule techniques to probe the structure, dynamics, and interactions of biomolecules in living cells. Our research is driven by a passion for discovery and a commitment to using our knowledge to improve human health.

We believe that single-molecule biophysics is a powerful tool for unraveling the mysteries of health and disease. By studying the behavior of individual molecules, we can gain insights into how biological systems work and how they can be manipulated to improve health. Our vision is to be a leading center for single-molecule biophysics research and to use our knowledge to make a significant impact on the world.

 Vision Statement

To advance science by understanding biomolecular machines at the molecular level– how they store, process, and transfer information by studying the interrelation of their structure, dynamics, and function.

Here are some specific goals:

  • Invest in the next generation of single-molecule biophysicists.
  • Develop new single-molecule techniques that allow us to study biological systems with unprecedented resolution.
  • Understand the molecular basis of biological function, including how proteins, DNA, and RNA interact to carry out essential cellular processes.
  • Discover new therapeutic targets for diseases such as cancer, neurodegeneration, and infectious diseases.
  • Develop new tools for bioengineering, such as synthetic DNA and proteins that can be used to create new therapies and diagnostic methods.

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