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Graduate Student

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Biosketchzeynab tabrizi

I received my bachelor’s degree in Microbiology from Islamic Azad University and my master’s in Medical Immunology from Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences in Iran. In 2015, I joined Neuroscience Research Group as a research assistant where I contributed to several projects focusing on the genetic basis of psychiatric disorders including schizophrenia, paranoid personality disorder, autism spectrum disorder, and addiction. In one of our projects my colleague and I investigated the role of mitochondria in the molecular mechanisms of psychotic traits especially paranoid using multidisciplinary study. A comprehensive evaluation of gene expression, biochemical testing, psychiatric and psychological tests along with state of art neuroimaging examinations helped us to present new candidate genes and possible pathways for paranoia. My research activities combined with my teaching experience in 2017 when I joined the Genome Center of the National Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology. Here, I had an opportunity to become familiar with the Next Generation of Sequencing technologies and related data analysis tools. In 2020, I joined Arvin Gene Company where we conducted high-throughput clinical testing to fight COVID pandemic.


In spring 2022, I joined the lab of Dr. Andrei Alexandrov in the Clemson Center for Human Genetics as a graduate (PhD) student. My area of research is yet to be decided.


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