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“Philanthropically, it is very interesting: There are not many people who think of genetics as being important to them. It’s really a very fundamental science in medicine, yet it takes enormous vision for people to provide philanthropic support for genetics and for genetic studies to understand human diseases.”

— Clemson University’s Dr. Robert Anholt, on the Self family’s support of genetics research

The Center for Human Genetics is located in Self Regional Hall, a 17,000 square foot facility located on the campus of the Greenwood Genetic Center. The facility is designed to promote a collaborative interactive environment with open office space for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and research staff. In addition to individual laboratories, each principal investigator has access to generous shared molecular biology space that allows for interaction and expansion of research programs.

The laboratories are fully equipped for molecular biology, cell biology and functional genomics experimentation. The building contains a state-of-the-art genomics laboratory with ready access to a real-time quantitative PCR system, an Illumina NovaSeq sequencer, an Oxford Nanopore sequencer and a Chromium 10X system for single cell RNA profiling and ATACseq.

The building contains a central bioinformatics facility to integrate statistical genetics and computational genomics approaches with projects that employ molecular genetics. The center provides bioinformatics and genomics support by a dedicated Ph.D. level bioinformatician and a Ph.D. level molecular biologist. There is a separate conference room, class room and seminar room equipped with computer projection and video communication.

Self Regional Hall is connected to the Clemson University Palmetto Cluster supercomputing center via light fiber with immediate capability to advance up to a 100-gig service to support collaborative computational genomic modeling and bioinformatics analysis with the Greenwood Genetic Center, with Clemson University and with leading research universities across the United States. The supercomputer is estimated to represent the sixth largest in the United States and ranked 60th in the world. The computer and data management resources support large scale genomic research manipulating massive data files.

The Center for Human Genetics also has in-house computing capabilities with a high-performance computing cluster consisting of four compute nodes with 40 cores of 192 GB RAM each, two high memory compute nodes with 44 cores with 1.54 TB RAM each, one dedicated HA-NFS with 500 TB of storage, and a workstation with 16 core processor and 64GB RAM.

There are extensive interactions between Clemson University’s Center for Human Genetics and the adjacent Greenwood Genetics Center. This includes collaborative research projects, journal clubs, joint seminars, social events and joint public outreach activities.

The Center has a dedicated passenger van for transportation between the main campus and the Greenwood facility. The Center for Human Genetics is centrally located is centrally located within easy travel distance not only to Clemson University, but also to the University of South Carolina in Columbia and to the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia, and is thus in an ideal position to foster interactions between multiple academic institutions.

Self Regional Hall
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