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Molecular Genetics Technician

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Sidney Angner


“Sidney is a 2022 graduate from Furman University with a B.S. in Environmental and Conservation Biology. As an undergraduate, she spent many hours both inside and outside of the laboratory¬†pursuing her various scientific interests. This included lab-based classes such as animal physiology and immunology, as well as a semester spent living in the wilderness of New Mexico learning about ecology, zoology, and conservation. After graduation, she was hired to work at a private clinical molecular testing facility where she spent roughly a year honing her laboratory skills before being hired by CHG.”

Research Interests

“Sidney enjoys any task that can be done in a laboratory setting. She is particularly interested in genetics and the role they play in heritable traits and disease. Currently, her main professional focus is learning a wide range of skills and techniques to be used in a laboratory environment. She hopes to gain a variety of experiences to become a more well-rounded research technician. Sidney aspires to one day either work with animals in a laboratory setting or study the genetics of endangered species.”