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Assistant Professor, Department of Genetics and Biochemistry

Email: mkonkel@clemson.edu


Miriam Konkel received an M.D. from the Charité, Humboldt University in December 2000. She completed part of her residency in Pediatrics at the Emil von Behring Hospital, Heckeshorn and at the Charité, Universtätsmedizin Berlin, Germany. Miriam Konkel continued her residency in Internal Medicine with emphasis on Infectious Diseases in the Department of Gastroenterology, Rheumatology, and Infectious Diseases at the Charité, Universtätsmedizin Berlin, Germany. In 2005, Miriam Konkel joined Louisiana State University as a postdoctoral researcher. In 2011 she became an assistant professor for research at LSU. Miriam Konkel joined Clemson University in January 2017 as an assistant professor in the Department of Genetics and Biochemistry. She is a member of the Clemson University Center for Human Genetics; a CUSHR (Clemson University School of Health Research) Scholar (since May 2017); and a BDSI (Biomededical Data Science and Informatics) core faculty member (since June 2018). In May 2018, Miriam Konkel received the URSAAA (University Research, Scholarship and Artistic Achievement Award) award.


My laboratory centers upon primate genomics with focus on genome-mobilome interactions. We are interested in how genomes evolve with respect to mobile elements, and how mobile elements evolve over time. Moreover, we are intrigued by observations that the fate of mobile elements varies in different primate lineages. Much of this work has been collaborative as part of international genome consortia. While most mobile elements are neutral residents in genomes and dead upon arrival, some will be able to propagate, contribute to genome expansion, and be implicated in disease.
Toward enhanced interaction with large genomics datasets we are working on the development of cyberphysical genomics interfaces. We are working within interdisciplinary teams to develop new approaches for data interaction. Toward this, we are investigating different interaction modalities integrating tablets, interactive walls, and tangible user interfaces. Our goal is to provide interfaces to a wide range of target groups: from domain experts to lay people, and from bioinformaticians to counselors and patients.


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