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Hiring for Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) in Human Genetics

The Clemson University Center for Human Genetics and the Greenwood Genetic Center have been awarded a five year Phase I COBRE in Human Genetics grant to understand the genetic, genomic, and epigenetic mechanisms by which molecular genetic variation affects transcriptional and other molecular networks in health and disease. Several positions are available immediately.

  • The Research Core is seeking a Molecular Genetics Technician and a Programmer. Contact Dr. Trudy Mackay (tmackay@clemson.edu) for details.
  • Project 1 (CRISPR Screening in Cultured Human Cells) is seeking a Research Technician. Contact Dr. Andrei Alexandrov (andreia@clemson.edu) for details.
  • Project 2 (Mechanisms of Disease Pathogenesis in Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation) is seeking a Postdoctoral Fellow. Contact Dr. Heather Flanagan Steet (heatherfs@ggc.org) for details.
  • Project 3 (Transposable Elements, Genome Architecture and Gene Regulation) is seeking a Computational Scientist and a Postdoctoral Fellow. Contact Dr. Miriam Konkel (mkonkel@clemson.edu) for details.
  • Project 4 (Genomic Prediction of Human Disease) is seeking a Postdoctoral Fellow. Contact Dr. Fabio Morgante (fabiom@clemson.edu) for details.

Research Assistantships and Internships at CHG

CHG is offering multiple Research Assistantships to graduate students in the labs of Dr. Andrei Alexandrov, Dr. Zhana Duren, Dr. Lela Lackey, Dr. Fabio Morgante, and Dr. Miriam Konkel. Please click on the names of each professor to be directed to his or her lab and research.

We will also be providing summer research internships in Greenwood to Clemson undergraduate students.

Please contact Dr. Trudy Mackay at tmackay@clemson.edu for more information.

CHG Offering Graduate Degree Opportunities through the College of Science

Doctoral Degrees offered:

Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Environmental Toxicology, Genetics, and Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

Deadline for Doctoral Applications:

Genetics and Biochemistry: December 15th for fall admission and September 1st for spring admission
Mathematical and Statistical Sciences: January 15th for fall admission and October 1st for spring admission
Biological SciencesĀ and Environmental Toxicology: December 10th for fall or spring admission

Active Research Programs through the CHG include**:

  • Investigating the roles of gene regulation, post-translational modification and structural variation in common and rare diseases
  • Developing more powerful models for genotype-phenotype prediction
  • Utilizing systems genetics approaches in cellular and animal models to more fully understand the genome-wide impact of genetic variants on molecular networks in health and disease in human populations

**If a student chooses to pursue a degree while at the Center for Human Genetics, he or she will earn a degree in the department of the mentoring professor.

Prospective graduate students of the College of Science can visit the website for more detailed information about each program.

General Inquiries:

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