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Graduate Student

Alexandra Randazza

Alexandra Randazza

Email: Randazz@clemson.edu


I am originally from Duluth, Georgia but recently moved to Six Mile, South Carolina. I graduated from Clemson University in 2022 with degrees in Biochemistry and Genetics. I received General Honors and Departmental Honors in Genetics from the Clemson University Honors College. I spent three years in Dr. Haiying Liang’s lab researching various topics surrounding plant genomics. My Departmental Honors research focused on the characterization of stress-responsive promoters in poplar, specifically AOS1 and RALF in vivo and in silico, respectively. Characterizing these promoters will allow for further understanding of a gene’s function and provide promoters for future applications.

Research Interests:

My Ph.D. research will be conducted under Dr. Lela Lackey. The research will focus on the roles of RNA secondary structures and alternative splicing in human disease.