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The research of the Wang group lies in elucidating quantum many-body systems using state-of-the-art computational techniques. We are particularly interested in bridging the experimental observations with theoretical models. Our interest also extends to the connection with analog quantum simulations and quantum algorithms.


yaoThe Principle Investigator, Prof. Wang, obtained his Applied Physics Ph.D. degree from Stanford University in 2017. Before joining Clemson in August 2020, he was an MPHQ postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University. His research interests lie in the theoretical elucidation of quantum many-body problems and their consequences in experimental  measurements. These problems have rich applications in novel materials, quantum simulation, ultracold matter, and quantum computing.


Sep 09


Our attractive interaction in 1D cuprate paper has been posted online at Science! Check

Sep 02


Our high-order correlation paper has been published online Congrats to Shuhan!

Jul 26


Our group has a new NSF grant awarded (DMR 2132338) for light-induced superconductivity!