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Graduate Student

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I graduated from University of Dundee, United Kingdom with Post Graduate Diploma in Mathematics (2020) and Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Jai Hind College, India (2018). I completed my research project with Dr. Carolin Kosiol from St. Andrews University, United Kingdom. I am passionate about integration of Mathematics, Biology and Computer Science. I started my PhD in Genetics in the fall of 2021 under Dr. Miriam Konkel at Clemson. My work will be inclined towards computational biology, modelling and artificial intelligence. Apart from research, I thoroughly enjoy science outreach programs. I love interacting with people and talking about science.


My post graduate research involved building computational pipeline to analyze the species tree estimation and doing phylogenetic analysis on the RAD seq dataset using PoMo model which was based on Markov model. I am interested in the Transposable Elements (TEs), and I am exploring directions of designing and construction of computational tools that will enable identification and characterization of endogenous retroviruses. Apart from TEs, I am also inclined towards the tangible human interface and human computer interactions.