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Lab Manager, Mackay-Anholt Laboratory

Email: rlyman@clemson.edu


Roberta Lyman, Clemson Center for Human Genetics

I have an associate degree from Rock Valley College, a BA from Knox College and two years of graduate work at Northern Illinois University, and I have been involved in laboratory science, both teaching and research, since 1971. Some of the things I’ve worked on are the breakdown of hydrocarbons by extreme thermophiles, causes of and cures for mastitis in ruminants, sharing of resistant microorganisms between people and their pets/farm animals, primary productivity in brine fish ponds in Israel, phenotypic plasticity in D. melanogaster, and corn isozymes. I’ve worked for three universities, two colleges, and a couple companies and with bacteria, various plants, fruit flies, fish, cows, and goats. I am currently back to working with fruit flies.


I enjoy assisting all the very bright people I work with at the Clemson Center for Human Genetics and seeing to it that they have everything they need when they need it. During the past year I’ve become increasingly interested in the manipulation of drosophila for use in the study of human disease and am pleased that I’ve been allowed to participate in the research.


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