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Graduate Student

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I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology from Shahid Chamran University and a master’s degree in Molecular Genetics from Yazd University in Iran. I am passionate about research in the field of Cancer, Epigenetics, and Cardiovascular Genetics. My master’ thesis was about the expression and methylation analysis of the gene promoters related to atherosclerosis. Furthermore, I have been working on another project about assessing the miRNAs expression in a neurologic disorder. I have been trained to analyze chromosome structures in an internship program as well. Another project that I have worked on as a researcher was about the effect of several herbal essential oils loaded by nano drug delivery carriers that regulate gene expression in breast cancerous cell lines.


In January of 2022, I joined the lab of Dr. Andrei Alexandrov in the Clemson Center for Human Genetics as a graduate (PhD) student. My area of research is yet to be decided.


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