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Graduate Student

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Monireh Mohammadpanah

Monireh Mohammadpanah


Monireh obtained her Bachelor degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology from Chamran University and Master degree in Molecular Genetics from Yazd University in Iran. Her research focused on epigenetic regulation of atherosclerosis-associated gene promoters. She then joined an Internship program in Meybod Genetic Research Center where she studied miRNAs expression in human neurologic disorders. In 2020, she joined Medical Nanotechnology and Tissue Engineering Research Center as a research assistant to improve nanoparticle drug delivery in breast cancer.


In January 2022, she joined the lab of Dr. Andrei Alexandrov at the Clemson Center for Human Genetics as a doctoral student. Her research focuses on the validation of factors regulating human metastasis-associated long non-coding RNA MALAT1 and the development of ultra-high throughput functional screening technology to map potential druggable sites within multi-functional essential human proteins. Her second project studies the pathway of nonsense-mediated mRNA degradation that is involved in hundreds of human genetic disorders.


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