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Maria Adonay

Maria Adonay


I received a BS in Mathematics, a BA in Psychology, and minors in Spanish, Statistics, and Biology from Meredith College (Raleigh, NC) as well as an MR in Bioinformatics from NC State University (Raleigh, NC). During my time at NC State, I studied Loblolly pine genomics. After graduating, I briefly worked with the NC State Tree Improvement Cooperative (Raleigh, NC) as a research assistant and am now working as a bioinformatician with the Clemson Center for Human Genetics (CHG) (Greenwood, SC).


Research at the CHG is largely focused on characterizing complex traits and diseases. My role is to build pipelines that analyze, interpret, and visualize the data from CHG projects so that we may deepen our understanding of the genetic basis of those complex traits and diseases. While much of my time is spent either creating new or repurposing readily-available software tools, I am also interested in all things open scholarship and visual communication.