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Drosophila Research Technician

Email: yp@g.clemson.edu


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I received my B.S. in biochemistry from University of Washington, Seattle (UW) in June 2020. During my time at UW, my research focuses on how rapamycin, a potent drug that prolongs lifespan in organisms, helps improves lifespan in a juvenile disease, Leigh syndrome, at molecular and populational levels. In the Kaeberlein’s lab, I performed molecular techniques to examine mitochondrial dynamics under treatment of rapamycin in disease mouse models. In the Promislow’s lab, I conducted a novel strategy and investigated how rapamycin treatment affects the lifespan of adulthood when the interventions were given strictly during development in disease Drosophila melanogaster. We were also interested in how genetic variations plays a role in drug responses.


After graduating, I joined Mackay-Anholt Lab at Clemson Center for Human Genetics as a Drosophila research technician. I will be starting a new project where we tested how genetic variations affect different aspects of organisms when exposed to environmental toxins using Drosophila melanogaster.