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Graduate Student

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Hui Ma

Hui Ma

I obtained my bachelor’s degree from Beijing Normal University in 2019 and obtained my master’s degree in 2021, both in Applied Mathematics. During my master’s program at Northeastern University, I did an 11-month internship as a bioinformatics intern in Dr. Bo Li’s Lab at the Broad Institute. I analyzed single-cell RNA-seq data using machine learning methods and also conducted DE analysis on latest spatial transcriptomics data for the COVID-19 patient autopsy project. In fall 2021, I joined Dr. Zhana Duren’s lab and started my PhD program in Genetics.


I found my interest in single-cell genomics during my internship at the Broad Institute. I’m just two weeks into my PhD program now, and I am currently exploring non-coding DNA and how to integrate experiment results of different sequencing methods.