Check out the 2023 summer residential camp options!

Biotechnology and Public Health – Summer Scholars
Rising 9th-12th grade
June 18-23 / July 16-21 / July 23-28
Cost: $1,200

  • Analyze DNA and correlate the results with how certain foods taste
  • Analyze family histories and genetics for opioid dependency
  • Investigate the need for clean drinking water
  • Learn about immunity, vaccine production, antibody tests, and antibiotic resistance
  • Discover how injury and disease can wreak havoc on our brains
  • Transform bacteria and discuss CRISPR technology
  • Tour research labs, learn from guest speakers, and participate in design challenges

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Secrets of a Spy Station – Clemson Camp at PARI
Date: June 25 – 30
Cost: $1,700

  • Apply Math skills in creative ways to form and decipher secret messages.
  • Learn to recognize patterns in the English language and how to use them to break codes.
  • Participate in challenges to crack messages written by other campers.
  • Discover cutting-edge techniques that keep the internet safe.
  • Explore the history of cryptography and how it has been used throughout time.
  • Campers will use radio communications dishes built by NASA to see how data is sent and received by satellites orbiting Earth.
  • Be immersed in a site that was once a top-secret base to spy on the satellite communications of others.
  • PARI’s emphasis on community and teamwork enables campers to establish friendships that last a lifetime. Many campers from this program return as interns and counselors.
  • Campers will participate in fun and engaging recreational activities built to encourage social comradery and confidence while exploring the spectacular Pisgah Forest and Blue Ridge Mountain region.

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Milky Way Trailblazers – Clemson Camp at PARI
Date: July 16 – 27
Cost: $3,960

  • Investigate the composition & motion of our galaxy with giant radio telescopes
  • Create images with radio data to plot a path through the Milky Way for future explorers
  • Collaborate with fellow cartographers to complete your trailblazing mission
  • Conduct individual research on techniques used to communicate with space mission
    – Propose your own communication techniques for future missions
  • Build a rocket, blast it off, observe, learn, repeat. Engage in team competitions for the highest, most powerful rockets with the biggest boom
  • How do you move when you have no fuel? You build a mass driver
    – Team investigations to explore variables that impact accuracy, force, and destructive power of projectiles
  • Design and test safe landing crafts for future space missions

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2023 Summer Residential Camp Schedule

Month Week Summer Scholars Clemson PARI
June 18-23 Biotechnology & Public Health
25-30 Secrets of a Spy Station
July 16-21 Biotechnology & Public Health  

Milky Way Trailblazers

23-28  Biotechnology & Public Health