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Graduate Studentedward mabry

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Born and raised in Aiken, South Carolina, I graduated from Clemson University in 2021 with a B.S. in Genetics and minor in Microbiology. I began my Master’s program in Genetics in the summer of 2021 under Dr. Lela Lackey at the Clemson University Center for Human Genetics. During my undergraduate studies, I worked on a variety of research projects, developing an ample background in analyzing and altering gene expression in human, plant, bacterial, and yeast species. This research involved gathering and interpretation of biochemical data and I have technical expertise of the development, construction, transfection, and integration of genetic circuits or genome modifications into host cells of the aforementioned species.


My graduate research has been focused on RNA structure and regulation, which play an integral role in gene expression of all organisms. I am most interested in gene regulation, its control mechanisms, and its applications. My current projects involve the investigation of SERPINA1 mRNA nuclear retention regulation of A1AT expression and the potential application of ASOs designed to alter this regulation. Not only should these projects shed light on the processes for post-transcriptional control of SERPINA1, but it should also help guide future studies into the development of therapeutics that utilize these mechanisms of gene expression as a consequence. Through my research, I hope to expand the understanding of RNA regulatory processes such that it could be utilized with DNA and enzymatic regulatory mechanisms in medical, industrial, and analytical applications, therefore improving society itself as a whole.


Mabry EL, Taylor C, Elhage M, Tzeng J, Saffarian M. Development of Antibiotic-Inducible Reporter Systems as Tools for Study of Antibiotic Penetration through Biofilms. 4th Annual Summer CI & UR Virtual Showcase. 2020 August; Clemson, SC, USA.

Mabry EL, Spagnuolo M, Blenner M. Using Microbial Bioproduction to Sustain Crews with Vital Nutrients and Polymers during Long Duration Space Travel. 3rd Annual Summer CI & UR Summer Showcase. 2019 August; Clemson, SC, USA.