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Director, Genomics Core Facility

Molecular Geneticist

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Dr. Rachel Lyman

Dr. Rachel Lyman


I graduated from Knox College in 2012 with a BA in Biology and Dance Studies. My first lab experience was as a Research Assistant and Research Technician in Dr. Trudy Mackay’s and Dr. Robert Anholt’s lab at NC State University for working on a variety of projects but focusing on sleep behavior in mutation accumulation lines of Drosophila melanogaster. In 2021 I received my PhD in Evolution, Ecology, and Population Biology from Washington University in St. Louis in conjunction with the Missouri Botanical Garden and advised by Dr. Christine Edwards. My dissertation was on the conservation and phylogeography of endemic plants (Trifolium calcaricum and Viola egglestonii) found in limestone cedar glades in the Central Tennessee Basin. I received the Garden Club of America Catherine H. Beattie Fellowship in Conservation Horticulture (2019) and Botanical Society of America Graduate Student Research Award (2019) for this research.


I’m excited to be back in the land of Drosophila, reference genomes, and known organism ploidy! My research has previously involved elucidating patterns of evolutionary history and phylogeography in closely related species complexes using next-generation DNA sequencing. I’m eager to learn more about using genomic techniques to better understand human disease.


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