Postdoctoral Researcher


Email: nazarioyepiz@hotmail.com


Nestor Nazario Yepiz, Clemson Center for Human Genetics

I did my first postdoctoral research (2018-2019) in the Laboratory of Dr. Therese A. Markow in LANGEBIO-CINVESTAV Irapuato (Guanajuato, México). My postdoctoral research project was focus on genomics of metabolism using three ecological diverse species of Drosophila. We evaluated the transcriptional responses of D. arizonae, D. mojavensis and D. melanogaster, two cactophilic and one fruit breeder species respectively, exposed to three isocaloric artificial diets with distinct protein:sugar content. We found more genes that changed their expression in D. mojavensis, the higher specialized species, when comparing the two more extreme diets. The majority of genes that changed their expression encode to enzymes of basal metabolism (carbohydrates and lipids).
My M.Sc. and Ph.D research project was developed in the laboratory of Dr. Juan R. Riesgo in the Institute of Neurobiology at UNAM-Juriquilla (Querétaro, México). My Ph.D. project was focus on Developmental Biology using D. melanogaster as a model system. We characterized the zinc finger protein gene piragua (prg) in the embryonic dorsal closure process, also we found that prg is required during metamorphosis in the thorax-wing formation and eye development.


I want to understand the function of genes related to metabolism in humans using Drosophila as a model system.

Recent Publications

Vanderlinde T, Guimarães Dupim E, Nazario-Yepiz NO and Carvalho AB. 2018. An improved genome assembly for Drosophila navojoa, the basal species in the mojavensis cluster. Journal of Heredity, in press. ISSN:0022-1503