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Postdoctoral Fellow

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Mark Loftus holds a bachelor’s degree in Digital Media and a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Central Florida. His doctoral research focused on investigating the composition and functionality of the gut microbiome in healthy individuals and its alteration in late-stage colorectal cancer patients. As a postdoctoral fellow at Clemson University under the mentorship of Dr. Miriam K. Konkel, Mark has shifted his research focus to human and non-human primate genetics. His current work centers on analyzing repetitive elements in the genome, including multi-copy and copy number variable genes, transposable elements, and processed pseudogenes. In addition to his research endeavors, Mark is actively involved in various working groups within the Human Genome Structural Variation Consortium, including those dedicated to the Y-chromosome, Functional genomics, Transposable Elements, and the Major Histocompatibility Complex.


My research here at Clemson will be centered around improving the annotation and resolution of the human mobilome as well as identifying putative source elements that can lead to new genomic insertions.


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