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Assistant Professor, Department of Genetics and Biochemistry

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Dr. Fabio Morgante

Dr. Fabio Morgante


Dr. Morgante started his academic career at the University of Florence (Italy), where he earned a BS and an MS in Agricultural Sciences with a special focus on animal science. He attended the University of Edinburgh (Scotland) and obtained an MSc in Animal Breeding and Genetics. Morgante earned an MR in Statistics and a PhD in Genetics from North Carolina State University (US), advised by Dr. Trudy Mackay. During this period, he also spent a total of 5 months at Aarhus University (Denmark) to work with Drs. Peter Sørensen and Daniel Sorensen. He then performed postdoctoral research in the labs of Drs. Matthew Stephens and Yang Li at the University of Chicago (US). Morgante joined the Center for Human Genetics and the Department of Genetics and Biochemistry at Clemson University (US) as an Assistant Professor in Fall 2020.


Morgante’s research interests lie in quantitative and statistical genetics. In particular, his research focuses not only on understanding the genetic architecture of complex traits in humans and model species, but also on using this information to improve phenotypic prediction accuracy for such traits. To achieve this goal, his group often develops new analytical strategies and statistical methods.


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